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Vocal Xtreem School (VX) offers comprehensive vocal coaching sessions for all sorts of specializations and fields for Professionals, Semi- Professionals and total Beginners.

Whether you are a Singer, Actor, Teacher, Speaker, Voice Over Artist, Dubbing Artist, Radio Presenter or even a Sales Person, you will find the help you need to have your tools prepared, and your potential ultimately unleashed.

VX has also built a reputation for achieving great results with people with vocal injuries due to bad or abusive usage, through its special voice aid rehabilitation program.


VX has opened its doors in Jan 2017 and ever since has catered to hundreds of clients from all over Egypt, as well as abroad.

VX helps everyone, from total beginners to stars and celebrities, each according to their needs.


Adding to its vocal-related sessions, VX also provides courses for Piano, Guitar and Music Theory specifically tailored for Singers to enhance their artistic tools and skills to become self-resourced and musically independent. 


VX also has a section for juniors, to teach young children aged 4-12 years how to sing in a healthy way, to help build a proper foundation for when they grow older, and help them experience a smooth transition in their voices, and help pave the way to more Xtreem training and advanced levels.

The section also provides special programs to teach children Music Theory, how to read and write notes, as well as play them on special Tonal Bells in a fun and engaging way.

It also provides lessons for Instrument playing like Piano, Guitar, Ukulele and Recorder.


The School is founded by vocal coach Sherif El Dabaa who has been professionally in the field for more than 12 years, and has vast experience in the science of the voice and has had the pleasure of working with over 3000 clients of all ages, levels and background.

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Sherif El Dabaa, founder & CEO of Vocal Xtreem school, is the first authorized teacher in Egypt and the Middle East to carry the ‘Complete Vocal Technique’ (CVT) license. Sherif

graduated from Complete Vocal Institute (CVI), one of the largest institutes & singing schools in Europe.
 Throughout his 3-year-stay in Denmark, he studied professional coaching and singing, enhanced by the most up to date researches and tools in the science of the voice, amongst extremely talented and advanced singers from all around the world.

Sherif holds a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration with over 12 years of experience in the field with various Multinational Corporations. He has gained solid experience in various areas, which helped him enhance his business, people, and management skills. Throughout his corporate journey, it became clearer to him that he should build his own career path and focus on his passion, which is to help and train others, hence the birth of Vocal Xtreem. As a singer and musician since childhood, it was only a natural choice for him to set his eyes on vocal coaching, to satisfy that innate desire to help musicians and singers improve and perfect their ability and skill.

Throughout his Coaching career, which extends beyond 12 years till now, he’s had Xtreem pleasure of working with more than 3000 clients from all sorts of specializations and fields. He has coached Singers, Actors, Teachers, Trainers, Voice Over Artists, Dubbing Artists, Radio & TV Presenters, Diplomats. He has also given voice aid to numerous people with vocal injuries, either post surgeries or due to bad or abusive vocal usages through a vocal rehabilitation program that brings the voice back to its natural state. He is known to be very supportive and motivating with his Coaching Style.

He has had the honor of working with some of the most esteemed stars like the diva Samira Said, Sherine Abdel Wahab, Assala Nasry, Sherihan, Amr Moustafa, among others. He also provides on-demand technical support during their studio recording sessions, and live performances. 

Sherif also coaches many well-established artists and bands, some of whom he worked with are like Nessma Mahgoub, Carmen Soliman, Hani Adel, Osama Mounir, Sharmoofers, Abo, Ramy Ashour, Mohamed Kelany, Ahmed El Rouby, Aly El Alfy, Marwan Pablo, Nagwan, Doaa El Sebaii, Noha Fekry, Nelly Cassis, Lara Scandar and many others. 

His work extends to actors and actresses as well, like Asser Yassin, Ali El Qassem, Nada Moussa, Mariam El Khosht, Hani Adel, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Sara Adel, Nancy Alam El Din and several others.

He’s been selected as the advisor vocal coach and trainer for Samira Said’s Team in the 5th Season of the TV show “The Voice” (2019).

Singing since his childhood, Sherif performs regularly and has done so in various venues like, Cairo Opera House, Sayed Darwish Opera House in Alexandria, Gomhouria Theater, Ewart Hall, Sakyet El Sawi, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Copenhagen Jazz House. He was also chosen to perform in Complete Vocal Institute’s 10th Anniversary Celebration Concert at the famous Kultorvet Square in Copenhagen.

Sherif has been a board member for 3 years in the award-winning Cairo Celebration Choir (CCC) as well as an active singer for more than 10 years, and has performed in various countries like Czech Republic (Prague), Morocco (Rabat), France (Paris). CCC has successfully represented Egypt and won a Silver Award in an International Choral Competition (Prague Voices) as well as a Silver Award at the World Choir Games 2016 in Russia (Sochi) for the first time in the history of the Games where almost 30 Thousand other contestants were competing.


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“Vocal Xtreem becoming the go-to place for premium comprehensive training of the human voice for all purposes, needs and ages within Egypt”


“Vocal Xtreem becoming the go-to place for premium comprehensive training of the human voice for all purposes, needs and ages within Egypt”

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Core Values

  • We are firm believers in the power of the human body, its potential and vast capabilities.
  • We respect one’s personal space.
  • We respect privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • We welcome constructive criticism with open arms.
  • We believe “talent” is only acquirable.
  • We believe the terms “bad” & “good” are subjective, unstandardized and vague descriptions based on personal taste.
  • We believe personal taste should not be enforced on anyone.
  • We believe genuine encouragement is key to
  • We believe there’s always room for improvement.
  • We believe continuous and dedicated practice can work wonders
  • We believe there’s always a positive side to
  • We believe every problem has a solution.
  • We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork.
  • We believe in free sharing of knowledge.


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