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Dr. Reem Qandeel

“I love music with you” is something we found written on a class board, after Reem was done with one of her sessions! Reem holds an outstanding record of accomplishments, and still goes further as she believes that music education is a right for every child.

Dr. Reem Qandeel graduated from Faculty of music education class of 2009. Got her masters in 2014 & PHD in 2020.

Studied Kodály method in teaching Solfége in Hungary & master classes in choir singing and Solfége in UK and Hungary, an assistant Professor in a department of Solfége, Eurhythmic and improvisation in the faculty of music education, an adjunct faculty in American University in Cairo, and a curriculum developer & instructor in Vocal Xtreem school.

She is also a singer and actress in dubbing projects.

She worked as an actress and singer in many independent theater performances.

Through her experience as a music teacher and a music supervisor for five years in different international schools in Egypt, she discovered her passion for designing curriculums for kids, and creating new methods in teaching music. Her experience got enriched through different summer courses and master classes in Egypt, Hungary and the United Kingdom, specializing in teaching music to kids, choir conducting, choir singing and exploring the principles of Kodály’s method.

For Reem, teaching is full of surprises and challenges, her classes are creative and fun. Reem believes that every child is a special artist and she finds her pleasure in developing their skills and abilities so they can find their own talent as a source of power.

As a Kids Section Development Manager at Vocal Xtreem, Reem found a place where her dreams come true every day. She dreams to reach thousands of kids around Egypt and see specialized Vocal & Music schools all around. Her aim is to spread music and singing as common languages to communicate and bring people from around the world together.