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Miriam Benyamein

Meet Mira Teacher at Vocal Xtreem Juniors.

“Good Job!” is something you’d hear Mira say a lot during her class. Her kids always do their best, and accordingly the appreciation keeps them motivated. In addition to her experience in the Cairo Celebration Choir, trainings, and knowledge gained from other teachers, Mira brings fun and unique vibes to her classes.

The most effective way of teaching for Mira is creating enjoyable activities so kids can learn music and singing in the best way possible. For her, the key to their hearts is to make them feel loved and help them see music through innovative ways.

Over the past three years, she has gained the skill of educating kids aged 4-10 years musically and has achieved great results.

She aspires to improve her musical education, and add depth and growth to her experience with the kids. One thing that touches Mira’s heart is always finding something nice to learn from kids.